Building process

About the building process – How does the process work when hiring an architect? Do you need to renovate or build a new house? It can be a big decision to get your dream house built and it can quickly become unmanageable. Here, you can read more about how Domo Architects can help you with your building project.

1. Why use an architect?

There are many advantages to using an architect. An architect can easily look through and solve any problems, as well as help you avoid unnecessary cost. As a client you may have many good ideas that you may want to bring to life. This is where the architect can help you view things from a professional point of view and come up with ideas, you might not even have thought of. The architect can also be your adviser, when negotiating with the craftsmen and municipality. The architect is also there to make the whole process more transparent, including avoid shoddy construction and create your architectural house down to the smallest detail, using thorough detailed drawings and construction drawings. This means that the architect will help you see the bigger picture and achieve more in terms of the aesthetics, form and function of your property.

2. The architect can see more than you think

Maybe you have an idea that cannot be met due to local restrictions. In this case, Domo Architects examines the municipal restrictions and tries to execute your idea in accordance with the local regulations. Our architects are always ready to find solutions through negotiation and dialogue with the municipality. Domo Architects can help you see the architectural and constructional possibilities of your property. We can analyze the qualities of your residence and adapt, adjust and optimize its architecture.

3. How to get started?

Our collaboration starts with the first free meeting, where we talk about the ideas and needs you have about your home. Before you come to the first meeting, you should have an idea of ​​your budget, in order to see if it is realistic to obtain your goal.

4. The ‘’idea meeting’’ follows.

After the first meeting the architect and the client decide if they want to work together. If this is the case, a so-called ‘’idea meeting’’ is being set up.

The idea meeting is as follows:

  • A list prioritizing your needs
  • Finding qualities and analyzing the property
  • Speaking about possible ideas
  • A realistic budget according to your wishes
  • The time frame of the project

Review the rules for your property easements, local plan and drawings. In addition, there may be regulations that could prevent some of your wishes. Therefore, the architect can help by reviewing the local plan that dictates how much you can expand your house, as well as the colours and materials that are allowed. There may also be restrictions on the form of the easement, with special rules that only apply to your land. This means that a number of documents on the property need to be gathered before the meeting. Domo Architects can undertake this task, with an hourly fee.

5. The agreement can be drawn

When the developer and the architect have found the right solutions for your home, then a document can be prepared on the processes that have to be performed. Then a contract between the developer and the architect is prepared, and the process begins. We are pleased to come to a meeting where we can discuss your wishes regarding your property. We can carry out small or larger construction projects.