The last 10 years we have heard much about saving energy and water. But how can we financially achieve such savings?

When we talk about energy, we are talking about optimizing your home to use less energy and to make it more sustainable. This could be light, heat, water, etc.

We have a strong team that will help you optimize all energy issues, so that you as a client achieve greater savings on your bills.

The Danish building authorities energy regulations are some of the toughest in the world. Many of our clients expect their houses to become sustainable, and follow the ‘’klasse 2020’’ sustainability regulations.

We come up with creative solutions, which in turn must be integrated architecturally correctly. That aesthetics and functionality must be performed elegantly and stylishly.

There are many ways to save on energy and operating costs.

Domo Architects assesses and analyzes your property before giving a final assessment. The home must of course be reviewed thoroughly to obtain an accurate result.

This is why it is important to consult an architect, so that the sustainable changes give a notable improvement to your property. If you don’t respect the style and distinctive character of a property it can ruin its expression and lead to a loss of its value.

It should also be mentioned that many homes that have undergone an energy renovation are not always pleasant to live in. There may be for example bad sultry air, since a property is not breathing properly.

This may also be due to wrong materials, and it is therefore important to know what materials to use, so that the quality of the house is not degraded.

The idea is to make it pleasurable to live in a house.

It is important that people feel comfortable in their home and that is why a thoroughly thought out energy renovation is very crucial.

Before starting an energy renovation, contact Domo Architects to hear more about what to expect.

Domo Architects provides Energy Consulting based on an hourly rate or fixed by written agreement.