What clients say about us - Denmark

The Jacobsen family in Rungsted, Denmark 

After many inquiries to several architect companies, we found that at Domo Architects the architects had a good taste and understanding of what we wanted to build. Domo Architects helped us stay within the budget, which was an important part for us. The entire construction process was professionally planned from the architect and contractor and was completed without any problems. You could really feel that they had control over the entire process and had large experience with it, which made us feel secure throughout our project. The architects also had a good dialogue with the municipality, which helped us achieve what we had dreamed of. Our overall experience with Domo Architects was really good and would highly recommend this company to whomever wants to build or renovate a house. They have a sense of good taste and you can see that they can master good architecture.

The Bruhn family in Rungsted, Denmark 

We had just bought a plot and we had meetings with five architect companies that we had contact with. We came across Domo Architects on the Internet and found their work attractive. Domo Architects instantly saw our dreams and thoughts  and guided us to the right direction. They were very down to earth and easy to talk to. We wanted a house in patrician style, which we could see that Domo Architects had done before. This gave us more confidence to assign the project to them. Their good understanding of what we exactly wanted gave us great confidence. We were constantly in dialogue with them, meeting once per week, so we could follow the process. The craftsmen were knowledgeable and friendly. We made a few minor adjustments in the process, but this was done without problems. We were surprised with how effortlessly Domo Architects designed all the details and how everything was executed in high quality and precision. The garden was also designed by Domo Architects, because they also noted that it was an important part of the project in order to achieve a whole with the house and its surroundings. The house was completed as agreed, which was very satisfying. We subsequently got our house evaluated by a real estate agent and its value was much higher than we had expected, all thanks to Domo Architects’s understanding of fine architecture. We would definitely recommend Domo Architects for their broad knowledge of architecture and sense of good details. It was also a good financial investment for us.

The Thomsen family in Hellerup, Denmark. 

One of my colleagues referred me to Domo Architects as they had used them for a project and they had been very satisfied. We wanted to build an extension to our house but it was a difficult task because we could not find the right architect who could handle this job. We wanted an extension that suited our current house, but we din’t want it to look new. We could see that Domo Architects had done this before with good results. They showed us several examples where the transition from the old house to the new was beautifully done. Domo Architects was dutiful, flexible and very thorough with their work, which we really liked. Domo Architects was very flexible and not afraid to try something new. On the contrary, they are not afraid to reject a project they do not believe in, which gave us confidence. The extension took 6 months, which was according to the agreed deadline. We got what we wanted from the project and Domo Architects gave quality to our house and created a great space. We would always recommend Domo Architects, as they have good sense of great architecture and many good ideas on how a property can be improved. They are very easy to work with and we liked their broad knowledge in architecture, which we could see was a very important part of our project.