About us


Welcome to Domo Architects. With more than 40 years of experience in architecture in Denmark and abroad, Domo Architects is working with several styles, such as classical buildings, modern houses, Functionalism, Art and Crafts, modernism, Colonial style, English and French style etc. A dialogue with Domo Architects will always add value to your project and result to a good investment for you. We treat the wants and needs of our customers critically and creatively. Aesthetics, functionality and good qualities merge into the right solution. Besides housing we also design stores, companies, corporate buildings and apartments. We are known for infusing soul, atmosphere, ambience, comfort, character, timelessness and an aesthetic expression to all buildings. Our creations are unique because of their architectural qualities and thoroughness in the performance and characteristics. We know how to turn the architecture / space into a great experience for the customer. Experience, art history and accumulated knowledge are all equally important in order to create beautiful architecture. Domo Architects offers you a creative plan towards your dream home and it also offers you security throughout the planning and construction phase. Our junior and senior teams from home and abroad, have created homes of all styles and always focus on creating architecture that is harmonious and radiates aesthetics and quality. It requires a great deal of knowledge and understanding to create different styles, as the outcome might look completely different than expected, which unfortunately happens with many modern buildings. With our broad knowledge in architecture and art history, we can design and draw homes with the right expression. We place great emphasis on high quality in all phases of construction, including sketching, design, material selection and the actual building process. We offer advice to energy optimizing solutions and good indoor air quality at your home, as it is important to live in a home that actually pleases you.