Renovation and conversion of a house requires experience and understanding of the house. We have renovated many homes over the years and have accumulated broad experience in renovation. Besides architects, our team includes building engineers, designers, land surveyor, etc. thus, you will always be in safe hands when working with Domo Architects.

We have extensive experience in the renovation of villas in French, English and Danish style etc. We design modern as well as old style. It is important to respect the character of the house when renovating it, so that the desirable result is secured.

For an architect, it is usually more challenging and demanding to renovate a house than build a new one. Therefore, the prices are generally higher when renovating a building. What causes this? Renovation requires considerably more work, such as isolation methods, customization of windows to the rest of the home style as well as low energy solutions, color samples, solutions to humidity problems, transformation and integration of new initiatives. Sometimes unexpected expenses can come up when taking up a house renovation. For example, when the craftsmen remove a roof, problems can be revealed such as fungus in the wood or other issues. This can delay the construction process, as the insurance company must be informed, which could add up in cost. These unexpected problems are not anticipated, but the client should be prepared that they may occur. In addition, the architect creates detailed drawings that create a harmonious whole of the old and the new, which is an important part of good architecture.

It should also be noted that when renovating a house, municipality restrictions may come up. This means that the state can designate your property as protected and the municipality can give your home a conservation scale from 1 to 9, which must be respected. This can also slow down the process, as more social workers may have to approve the project. Domo Architects has been involved in several of these processes and has extensive experience in this area.

Each of these factors are assessed on a scale of 1-9 and summarized to an overall conservation value of the building.

The assessment of the conservation value is based on an overall impression of the building quality and condition. However, as a rule, the architectural and historical values prevail. The figures from 1 to 3 are considered high, from 4 to 6 are average and from 7 to 9 are low.

The preservation value is linked to the building’s architecture and history:

– Is the building a good example of its architectural period or of a specific style?

– Is the type of the building or its shape rare?

– Has the building served as a model for other buildings?

– Is the building intact?

– Are alterations going to suit the expression of the building?

– Is the building significant to the street or countryside it is located in?

Buildings with the highest conservation value of 1 are usually protected buildings or churches. Particular valuable buildings may have a conservation value of 1, without being protected.

Buildings with a conservation value of ​​2-4 are the ones that because of the art of their architecture, cultural history and workmanship are prominent examples within their kind.

Buildings with conservation value of ​​5-6 are smooth, neat buildings where misfit alterations and refurbishments can decrease their conservation grade.

Buildings with conservation value ​​of 7-9 are often the ones without architectural expression or without historical significance. It may also be buildings that are so reconstructed, or that have so many replacements that they have lost their originality.

When changes are made later to the building, the value number can change and conservation value will be reviewed again. The conservation value of a building can rise with a good renovation.

The preservation value says nothing of course about the utility value of the house. Domo Architects can help you with all of the processes above, as we engage in dialogue with the state or city and find the right solution for your home.